Brian Hui | UX Designer for Mobile, Web, and AR/VR
UX Designer


Problem solver.

Community builder.

From Ryerson, with love.

Brian Hui

I am a user experience designer and former print media specialist with a passion for helping people through compelling experiences, including through visual design. With my background in print media management, I understand the profound impact creative media and experiences can have on people. Over the last two years, I pursued a Master of Science in Integrated Digital Media. I've spent my graduate degree years focusing on understanding and empowering people through compelling digital experiences designed through human-centered design. 

For me, projects should be about the people that use them. Whether that is creating an augmented reality apartment hunting experience or a mixed reality art viewing experience, I strive to create things that can enrich humankind and help us live better lives.

I am originally from Vancouver, Canada. I spent my undergraduate years in Toronto, Canada before moving back home to work in the architecture industry. Now, I am living in New York City, where the city, the people, and the experiences never cease to amaze and inspire me!