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M.S. Thesis Project Blog

This is a blog to document my weekly updates to my thesis project.

06 - Paper, Prototyping, and Testing Begins

Last week, I refined my paper based off some initial feedback from a friend and my thesis advisor. You can see my updated paper here. I expanded the background and methodology sections slightly to better introduce the people that I cited and give them more legitimacy by adding their positions in the academic field.

I did not make changes to my prototype from pre-thesis as I thought it was sufficient enough to conduct testing. The prototype can be viewed here.

I also began to conduct interviews with undergraduates yesterday to gauge and include their feelings about how they feel about extracurricular activities, their place at NYU and NYU Tandon, whether or not they feel a sense of belonging at NYU and NYU Tandon, and to get a feel about how they feel about how extracurricular activities are promoted in general. I also tested my prototype with these interviewees afterward. I expect interviews to last the rest of the week and testing on my first iteration to also end this week.

After spring break, I will iterate the prototype, conduct more interviews, and do more testing.

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