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M.S. Thesis Project Blog

This is a blog to document my weekly updates to my thesis project.

02 - Interviews and Progress Update

This week, I talked to Brittney Bahlman, the Director of Student Affairs and Student Activities at the Tandon School of Engineering. The primary goal was to introduce my thesis project to her and to see if she was willing to help me with getting data on undergraduate engagement at NYU Tandon. Brittney advised that she could provide me with general data that she also shares with their partners. However, she advised that more specific data (such as demographics) will probably not be shared with me unless I have IRB approval. Brittney also informed me about the limitations of the data as well as additional resources to seek out. The data that Brittney intends to provide to me with has a few caveats attached to it: 

  1. The data set is incomplete and does not include all current Tandon students.
  2. In Fall 2017, the Office of Student Activities & Resource Center only captured 74% of event attendance as compared to 53% in Fall 2016.

Over the next week or so, I plan to meet with Rose and Nicole again to update them on where I am at with my thesis to see if they have any further suggestions for my project.

Research Update

This week, I did not do as much research from academic papers. Over the next week, I plan on reading some more papers about commuter student engagement as well as projects that people have worked on at other institutions to engage commuter students.

Prototype Update

This week, I did not revise my prototype but I did begin testing on my initial prototype on two people. Overall, these people found that my prototype was a good idea but they weren't sure being tied to NYU's website was a good idea.

Advisor Search Update

This week, I learned that administration cannot be formal thesis advisors. Therefore, I am going to start looking at NYU faculty members that will help me. In the meantime, I plan on meeting with the admins that I've talked to already to help me move my project forward.


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