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M.S. Thesis Project Blog

This is a blog to document my weekly updates to my thesis project.

04 - Meetings and Paper Progress

This week, I talked to Melissa Mayard, Program Administrator at the NYU Center for Student Life. Meeting notes can be found here. We had a discussion of how NYU engages students. She mentioned that they see off-campus students and commuter students as two groups, but are overall treated as one. She also even mentioned that Tandon undergrad students make up about a third of the first year undergraduate commuter population.

I have also secured a thesis advisor. Her name is Jenelle Woodrup and she is the Coordinator of Online Academic Programs for the Department of Technology, Culture, and Society here at NYU Tandon. We briefly discussed the progress I had made and my plans so far. She has had previous experience working with students to encourage engagement and I believe she will be an excellent fit! We will begin meeting regularly starting next week.

I also met with Liz Mcenaney this week to discuss my paper. Meeting notes can be found here. She thinks I'm on the right track with my paper and suggested a few changes to my outline. I updated my thesis outline to reflect this (see here).

This week, I attempted to finish a draft of my background section of the thesis. I was not able to complete it this week but, hopefully, it will be done before the end of the week. You can see my progress here.

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