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M.S. Thesis Project Blog

This is a blog to document my weekly updates to my thesis project.

03 - Thesis Outline

This week, I created a draft outline of how I want my thesis to be structured. 

The preliminary structure is as follows:

  • Introduction
    • Introduce the problem and why it matters to me

    • Give a breakdown of relevant research and what I’ve done

  • Background

    • Introduce my personal experiences with trying to get people involved

    • Student Involvement Theory - Introducing Astin’s theory of Involvement

      • Also introduce the concepts of Mattering and Marginalization

      • Talk about how mattering and marginalization correlate to engagement

    • Talk about differences between on-campus students and off-campus students

      • Talk also, about differences between those students that move out vs those that stay at home when they begin college.

    • Talk about other schools that have tried to engage students different

      • Also talk about my experiences trying to engage students at a commuter school

    • Involvement and Engagement at NYU Tandon

  • Methods

    • Give a breakdown of how I intend to solve this divide and why I think it would work.

  • Results

    • Aggregate user testing data across different prototypes

    • Relate user testing results to confirm/deny my assumptions

  • Conclusion

    • Suggest how the results could impact engagement and future directions of the project.

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