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This is a blog to document my weekly updates to my thesis project.

About This Thesis Project

Title: The Community Framework Project.

Thesis Question: How might we better foster student communities in higher education institutions to promote cross-disciplinary collaboration and skill development outside of the classroom?

Thesis Statement: To help create a culture of cross-disciplinary collaboration in student communities, we must first deconstruct what motivates and drives students to be a part of their school community in order to create a solution to help promote and foster cross-disciplinary, collaborative relationships.

Target Audience: Undergraduate students at urban institutions (primarily commuter students).

This project tries to answer this question by creating a digital media solution in the form of a website or mobile app to help promote cross-disciplinary collaboration and skill development of undergraduate students at urban institutions, such as NYU, where a large part of the student population commutes to and from the institution. The solution will focus on allowing students to participate and collaborate on their own time and without the barrier of being physically on-campus.

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